Who needs therapy?

Therapy can be useful for anyone wanting to examine themselves more deeply and get objective feedback about themselves from an unbiased person. This process helps facilitate self-development. Therapy is a confidential space to talk about issues that one is troubled by and to try and seek solutions to these difficulties.‚Äč

What does therapy cost?

All couples therapy (including individual sessions of the couples therapy) are R1070. Individual session for other concerns are R1070 (Medical aid) or R1070 (Cash/Credit card/Snapscan).

Why do you charge for missed appointments?

Appointments not cancelled with at least 24 hours' notice will be charged for. We are both making a time commitment to you and your well-being. If you do not give enough notice, I may not be able to fill that slot. If we have a regular meeting time, I cannot give that time slot away.

Therapy is more effective when sessions are attended regularly. Having a financial commitment to be at an appointment can be motivating when therapy gets tough.

Emergency situations such as car accidents and hospitalisations will not be charged for.

How do you work as a therapist?

My therapeutic model is integrative. This means a variety of different theories, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Psychodynamic Theory guide my practice. I find this flexibility useful given the diverse range of people and presenting concerns that I encounter. Humans are complex beings and I do not feel that any one psychological model accounts entirely for all problems in existence. Research-based methods that have been shown to be effective are used.